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Flames by Robert Smythe Hichens







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e. You just live beautifully, because you're made differently from all of us. So you do for me what no preachers could ever do. There--now you know."

He lay back, puffing violently at his cigarette.

"It is strange," Valentine said, seeing he had finished. "You know, to live as I do is no effort to me, and so it is absurd to praise me."

"I won't praise you, but it's outrageous of you to want to feel as I and other men feel."

"Is it? I don't think so. I think it is very natural. My life is a dead calm, and a dead calm is monotonous."

"It's better than an everlasting storm."

"I wonder!" Valentine said. "How curious that I should protect you. I am glad it is so. And yet, Julian, in spite of what you say, I would give a great deal to change souls with you, if only for a day or two. You will laugh at me, but I do long to feel a real, keen temptation. Those agonizing struggles of holy men that one reads of, what can they be like? I can hardly imagine. There have been ascetic

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(1897) Occult (Possession) / Romance

R: * * * * *

Plot bullets

Two men experiment with sole transfer through a series of psychic sittings.
It works to some extent, but not as expected.
Perhaps a third predominant sole can intervene, if one sole is weak.
Can yet a forth sole, a loving one, really be the predominant one.
Does a departed sole represent itself as an elusive flame, or are the visions of such, all in the mind?
The sixth and last sitting will tell all.

Kate Porter - Urban Fantasy with Spunk
FEATURED AUTHOR - Kate Porter is an American writer based in South Georgia. She grew up on a small farm in central Indiana where she graduated from Owen Valley Community High School. Her first short story was published in the school newspaper when she was fifteen. Kate went on to study fiction writing at Greenville Technical College, appeared at numerous Comic Cons, book readings, author events and participated in author panels and has been featured as a guest author on a blog tour.