The Green Carnation

The Green Carnation


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The Green Carnation by Robert Smythe Hichens







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The Green Carnation


(1 Review)
A scandalous novel with lead characters closely based on Oscar Wilde and Lord Alfred Douglas.

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ately. They say she has over twenty thousand a year. Mrs. Windsor is trying to do you a good turn. And I dare say she would not be averse to uniting her first cousin with a future marquis."

"H'm!" said Reggie, helping himself to coffee with a rather abstracted air.

"It is a pity I am already married," added Amarinth, sipping his coffee with a deliberate grace. "I am paying for my matrimonial mood now."

"But I thought Mrs. Amarinth lived entirely upon Cross and Blackwell's potted meats and stale bread," said Reggie seriously.

"Unfortunately that is only a canard invented by my dearest enemies."


"Jim won't be back till very late, I expect," said Mrs. Windsor to her cousin, as they passed through the hall that night about twelve o'clock, after their return from the opera. "I am tired, and cannot go to my parties. Come to my room, Emily, and we will drink some Bovril, and have a talk. I love drinking Bovril in secret. It seems like a vice. And then it is

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This name-dropping novel requires a fairly strong knowledge of 19th-century popular culture for real appreciation, but aficionados of the period should enjoy it.

After a long absence from England, the widowed Lady Locke visits her cousin, Mrs. Windsor, and meets the extremely epigramatical Esme Amarinth, and his young friend and imitator, Lord Reginald Hastings. The two men wear dyed green carnations and affect wickedness and disdain for society. Lord Reggie both fascinates and repels Lady Locke.

Though the story comes to a somewhat flat conclusion, its satirical tone, reminiscent of Evelyn Waugh, and well-drawn characterizations make it fun reading.
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