The Woman with the Fan

The Woman with the Fan


(1 Review)
The Woman with the Fan by Robert Smythe Hichens





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The Woman with the Fan


(1 Review)

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go a step farther and make cow-fights the national pastime. I hate cows frankly."

Sir Donald sat down in an armchair and looked, with his faded blue eyes, into the eyes of his hostess. His drawn yellow face was melancholy, like the face of one who had long been an invalid. People who knew him well, however, said there was nothing the matter with him, and that his appearance had not altered during the last twenty years.

"You can hate nothing beautiful," he said with a sort of hollow assurance.

"I think cows hideous."


"All cows. You've never had one running after you."

She took up her gloves, which she had laid down on the table beside her, and began to pull them gently through her fingers. Both Sir Donald and Robin looked at her hands, which were not only beautiful in shape but extraordinarily intelligent in their movements. Whatever they did they did well, without hesitation or bungling. Nobody had ever seen them tremble.

"Do you consider that anything that can be dangerous for

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This is a moralistic tale of a all-too-beautiful woman who, spolied by all the attention she gets, spurns real love for false pleasures in life, like material wealth and hedonistic joy. Of cours,e she will learn her lesson, maybe even the hard way. A deent book, nothing special to talk about or to call it a classic - the characterisation of the main character is at times vauge, and you get the feeling she is spolied just becouse she has to be, with no real reason to support it - but I still liked it. Three stars