The Mystery of Mary

The Mystery of Mary


(3 Reviews)
The Mystery of Mary by Grace Livingston Hill







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The Mystery of Mary


(3 Reviews)
Many thousands of readers have found inspiration and happiness in reading the novels of Grace Livingston Hill. In her charming romances there is a sympathetic buoyant spirit that conquers discouragement, which trusts that true love and happiness will come out of the worst trial. Hers is the priceless gift of understanding and it is that quality that makes her stories so true to life and her people real.

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lain the matter to his mother and sister? For they might return before he did, and would be sure to ask innumerable questions.

And the girl--would she go with him? If not, what should he do with her? And about her dress? Was it such as his "friend" could wear to one of Mrs. Parker Bowman's exclusive dinners? To his memory, it seemed quiet and refined. Perhaps that was all that was required for a woman who was travelling. There it was again! But he had not said she was travelling, nor that she had just returned from abroad, nor that she was a musician. How could he answer such questions about an utter stranger, and yet how could he not answer them, under the circumstances?

And she wore no hat, nor cloak. That would be a strange way to arrive at a dinner How could she accept? He was settling his coat into place when a queer little bulge attracted his attention to an inside pocket. Impatiently he pulled out a pair of long white gloves. They were his sister's, and he now remembered she had given the

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Very good read. A man meets an unknown woman and wants to help her, though he does not know how and why. Then she disappears from his life and he starts to look for her and her past. Very well written.
Fast-paced, entertaining mystery about a beautiful woman running away from someone or something. A man meets her at the train station and tries to help her without knowing all of her mysterious past. Mary's story is revealed through the many twists and turns of the plot.