The Man of the Desert

The Man of the Desert


(2 Reviews)
The Man of the Desert by Grace Livingston Hill







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The Man of the Desert


(2 Reviews)
An intensely moving love story of a man of the desert and a girl of the East, pictured against the background of the Far West.

Book Excerpt

ure of speed like the wind, goaded by fear and knowing the limitations of his rider, was a different matter. The swift flight took her breath away, and unnerved her. She tried to hold on to the saddle with her shaking hands, for the bridle was already flying loose to the breeze, but her hold seemed so slight that each moment she expected to find herself lying huddled on the plain with the pony far in the distance.

Her lips grew white and cold; her breath came short and painfully; her eyes were strained with trying to look ahead at the constantly receding horizon. Was there no end? Would they never come to a human habitation? Would no one ever come to her rescue? How long could a pony stand a pace like this? And how long could she hope to hold on to the furious flying creature?

Off to the right at last she thought she saw a building. It seemed hours they had been flying through space. In a second they were close by it. It was a cabin, standing alone upon the great plain with sage-brush in patches

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I love this story very much and have been blessed by it. I take it as God's blessing that I happened to read this story, after I read 'A voice in the wilderness' yesterday. A very happy and joyful story all girls should read!!
The story of Hazel and John, the missionary and his wife from "A Voice in the Wilderness." Good read.
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