The Man with the Double Heart

The Man with the Double Heart


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The Man with the Double Heart by Muriel Hine







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The Man with the Double Heart


(1 Review)
McTaggart consults with a doctor, who, after careful examination, credits his astonished patient with a double heart. This quality of existence pursues him morally as well as physically, for he is concerned with a Parisian adventuress who tries to entangle him for financial purposes, and Cydonia, the beautiful daughter of a nouveau riche. A many-sided novel this, full of incident, stimulating and suggestive, with a bold and generous view.

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rather mad. But you say it doesn't matter?"

"It doesn't seem to affect your circulation in the least. I'm certain what you complain about is due to indigestion--the aftermath perhaps of a touch of Influenza."

A twinkle crept into the blue eyes watching him. "I suppose one heart's Italian and the other purely Scotch?" He ventured the joke against himself in a spirit of relief.

"That's it!" His new friend laughed ... "a dual personality. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, with a physical excuse." He gave loose reins for a moment to his vivid imagination, which swept him on with the current of his thoughts.

"You're not married, you say? Well--you'd better be careful. It might lead to bigamy! If so, refer to me."

A curious expression came into the young man's face as he echoed the other's laugh with a trace of confusion.

"A fair wife and a dark one? Porridge and ... Chianti!"

He paid his fee and went out into the London fog.

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