The Voice in the Night

The Voice in the Night


(3 Reviews)
The Voice in the Night by William Hope Hodgson







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The Voice in the Night


(3 Reviews)

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ok on the forms of vast fingers, and in others it just spread out flat and smooth and treacherous. Odd places, it appeared as grotesque stunted trees, seeming extraordinarily kinked and gnarled--the whole quaking vilely at times.

"At first, it seemed to us that there was no single portion of the surrounding shore which was not hidden beneath the masses of the hideous lichen; yet, in this, I found we were mistaken; for somewhat later, coasting along the shore at a little distance, we descried a smooth white patch of what appeared to be fine sand, and there we landed. It was not sand. What it was I do not know. All that I have observed is that upon it the fungus will not grow; while everywhere else, save where the sand-like earth wanders oddly, path-wise, amid the grey desolation of the lichen, there is nothing but that loathsome greyness.

"It is difficult to make you understand how cheered we were to find one place that was absolutely free from the growth, and here we deposited our belongings. Th

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(1907) Horror / Sci-fi
Plot bullets

An unexpected hail in the night from a small boat.
An even more mysterious plea for help, but with conditions attached.
The man with the voice has something to hide.
He has a heart breaking and hideous tale to tell.
Help is granted, but it may be too late.

I became a fan of William Hope Hodgson when I got to read The Boats of the "Glen-Carrig". He never fails to keep me interested in his stories and this story is no exception.

It's an interesting story and creepy. I love it.
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