Samantha at the St. Louis Exposition

Samantha at the St. Louis Exposition


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Samantha at the St. Louis Exposition by Marietta Holley





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Samantha at the St. Louis Exposition


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Samantha, as unique and widely know as any book character ever created, is at her best in the "episodin'" bits of wit, pathos, and clear visioned common sense. In the story, Josiah Allen discovers that his farm had come into the possession of the Allen family the year of the Louisiana purchase, that his ancestors had paid fifteen dollars for it, the same sum, he said, "with the orts left off," that was given for Louisiana. The Allens celebrate this discovery by taking a trip to the Exposition. A group of interesting companions serve only to enhance the characteristic observations of Samantha, which are better than ever.

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ssed it, he didn't use his wife as he ort to. But jest see the wonderful similarity in these cases. He had two step-children; the wife of Josiah had two; I am smaller in statute than my wife; so wuz Napoleon."

"You spoke of your Peaceful Inventions, Josiah," sez I, wantin' to git his mind off, for truly I begun to fairly feel sick to the stomach to hear his talk about himself and the Great Conqueror.

"Oh, yes, Samantha, that in itself will be worth double the price of admission."

"Then you expect to ask pay, Josiah?"

"Certainly, why not? Do they not ask pay at the twin celebration?

"But you spoke of inventions; I shall let the rest of the Allens show off. Lots of 'em have invented things, but of course my inventions will rank number one. There is my button on the suller door I cut it out of an old boot leg. Who ever hearn of a leather button before, and it works well if you don't want to fasten the door tight. Then there is that self actin' hen-coop of mine that lets a stick fall down and shuts

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