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Caribbee by Thomas Hoover







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(4 Reviews)
Barbados, 1648. The lush and deadly Caribbean paradise, domain of rebels and freeholders, of brigands, bawds and buccaneers. CARIBBEE is the untold story of the first American revolution, as English colonists pen a Declaration of Defiance gainst Parliament and fight a full-scale war for freedom against an English fleet -- with cannon, militia, and many lives lost -- over a century before 1776. An assured, literate saga, the novel brims with the rough and tumble characters who populated the early American colonies.

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himself, he would settle the score. His anger was matched only by his disgust with the English.

Only one person on the ship seemed to question what had happened. The girl looked down at the woman for a long, sad moment, then glanced back, her tresses splayed in the morning wind. His last memory, before he lapsed into unconsciousness, was her upraised hand, as though in farewell.


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No sooner had their carriage creaked to a halt at the edge of the crowd than a tumult of cheers sounded through the humid morning air. With a wry glance toward the man seated opposite, Katherine Bedford drew back the faded curtains at the window and craned to see over the cluster of planters at the water's edge, garbed in their usual ragged jerkins, gray cotton breeches, and wide, sweat-stained hats. Across the bay, edging into view just beyond the rocky cliff of Lookout Point, were the tattered

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The author compresses about 20 years of Caribbean history into 10 years in pages. An erotic adventure that explains (obvious: economic/political/physiological) causes of slavery and piracy in the Caribbean; and the lack of English speaking Islands.
Overall good, I recommend it. However the book ended leaving me curious about some unresolved plot issues.

Another issue with the book - how much perfection and superiority can you tolerate in your fictional heroes before any sense of realism is left behind? The main character is the best leader of men, the best shot, the most principled, the best strategist, survives numerous close calls against dangerous enemies, gets all the girls... I could go on but you get the idea.
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This is a fantastic book. I enjoyed how accurate the history of the Caribean was along with a mind catching story.
An excellent read. It explores and explains the interactions between people involved in the evolution of the Caribbean islands.

The introduction to the clash between colonists and Cromwellled Englishmen is introduced and explained with great detail, as are the conditions that prevailed at that time.

A superb writer, Mr. Hoover has introduced another excellent adventure to those who are unaware of the turmoil which on and around the Spanish main.
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