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No Hero


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No Hero by E. W. Hornung





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No Hero


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An Eton boy, who has escaped from his mother's influence and has fallen in love with a woman who is believed to be an adventuress, is the central figure in Mr. Hornung's new story. The scene is laid in Switzerland, with a background of piquant hotel gossip, the narrative being in the words of a friend of the boy's mother who has undertaken the task of disillusionizing the lad. The result is as unconventional as it is unexpected."A clever, fresh, well-told story with more than the usual measure of art in its telling." Detroit Free Press.

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ed, but it was something new to me in Catherine Evers, something half-repellent and yet almost wholly fine.

"You don't mean to say it's that?" I asked aghast.

"No, I don't," Catherine answered, with a hard little laugh. "He's not quite twenty, remember; but I am afraid that he is making a fool of himself, and I want it stopped."

I waited for more, merely venturing to nod my sympathetic concern.

"Poor old Bob, as you may suppose, is not a genius. He is far too nice," declared Catherine's old self, "to be anything so nasty. But I always thought he had his head screwed on, and his heart screwed in, or I never would have let him loose in a Swiss hotel. As it was, I was only too glad for him to go with George Kennerley, who was as good at work at Eton as Bob was at games."

In Catherine's tone, for all the books on her shelves, the pictures on her walls, there was no doubt at all as to which of the two an Eton boy should be good at, and I agreed sincerely with another nod.

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