The Broken Gate

The Broken Gate
A Novel


(1 Review)
The Broken Gate by Emerson Hough





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The Broken Gate
A Novel


(1 Review)
A story of broken social conventions and of a woman's determination to put the past behind her.

Book Excerpt

ew of all the village might have been statues for the time, so motionless, so tense was each.

Not many actually heard the words of old Eph Adamson--words wrung out of the bitterness of his own soul perhaps, but words intolerable none the less. None had heard the words of Aurora Lane and the young man as they had spoken previous to this. None guessed who the stranger was or might be--none but drunken Eph Adamson. But all could see what now happened.

For one instant the young man stood almost like a statue. Then with one sudden thrust of his fist he smote the old man full in the mouth, so swift and hard a blow that Adamson dropped prostrate, and for the time motionless.

A sudden, instantaneous, electric buzz, a murmur, ran all around the square. A sound of shuffling feet and falling boxes might have been heard as men here and there rose eagerly, their necks craned out toward this swiftly made arena.

They saw the half-wit boy now advance upon Don Lane with a roar or bawl of rage, his

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A boy comes home from college when he is told he is not an orphan.
He proposes marriage, meets his mother and finds she was never married and gets thrown in jail for defending her, all in his first day home.
Quite a bit for one day, but wait, theirs more."
Now he is accused of murder.
There is a father somewhere, but who is he, where is he?
The Broken Gate: There is certainly a broken
garden gate (broken twice), a gate in the lawyers office, and of
course the broken gate into someone's heart. A gate repairable
for some and forever unusable for others.