Wings in the Night

Wings in the Night


(3 Reviews)
Wings in the Night by Robert E. Howard







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Wings in the Night


(3 Reviews)

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he Elder World were on his track. A deep roaring to the westward warned him that beasts of prey were aroam, and he walked rapidly down the rolling slopes until he came to a dense grove some distance from that in which he had fought the cannibal. He climbed high among the great branches until he found a thick crotch that would accommodate even his tall frame. The branches above would guard him from a sudden swoop of any winged thing, and if savages were lurking near, their clamber into the tree would warn him, for he slept lightly as a cat. As for serpents and leopards, they were chances he had taken a thousand times.

Solomon Kane slept and his dreams were vague, chaotic, haunted with a suggestion of pre- human evil and which at last merged into a vision vivid as a scene in waking life. Solomon dreamed he woke with a start, drawing a pistol--for so long had his life been that of the wolf, that reaching for a weapon was his natural reaction upon waking suddenly.

His dream was that a strange, shado

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One of many action packed Solomon Kane stories set in the dark continent. Have read it on several occasions-always a pleasure to escape into the world of R.E.H.
Solomon Kane is an Elizabethan era adventurer. In this story he escapes the African jungle running from cannibals to find a ruined village full of corpses on the flatlands. When the sun gets low, he discovers why the cannibals didn't follow him out of the jungle.

Strong, clear, descriptions of people, places and events, and good plotting in this story. The many typos hurt the flow of the plot.
This is one of Howards best works, in my opinion, showing Kane's battle prowess and intelligence, as well as his humane and sympathetic treatment of natives