The Haunted House

The Haunted House
A True Ghost Story


(6 Reviews)
The Haunted House by Walter Hubbell







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The Haunted House
A True Ghost Story


(6 Reviews)
Being an account of the Mysterious Manifestations that have taken place in the presence of Esther Cox, the young Girl who is possessed of Devils, and has become known throughout the entire Dominion as The Great Amherst Mystery.

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hear," says the young rascal a second time, louder than before.

A good sound box on the ear from his father, prevents further remarks coming from the unruly boy during the rest of the meal. However, after a slight pause, Dan gives him a piece of beef-steak, his mother in the meantime says:

"I wonder how that boy learns to be so rude."

"Why," replies John Teed, "by playing with those bad boys down near the carriage factory. I saw him there about nine o'clock this morning, and what's more, I can tell you that unless he keeps away from them he will be ruined."

"I'm going to take him in hand as soon as he gets a little older and make him toe the mark," says Dan. "Well Mudge,"--Dan nearly always calls his wife Mudge, for a pet name--"give me another cup of tea, woman, and then I'll go back to the factory, that is as soon as I have taken a pull or two at my pipe."

"What! are you going without eating some of the bread pudding I went to the trouble of making because I thought you would like it?" asks

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(1879) Ghost story

R: * * * *
Plot bullets

A Poltergeist makes life miserable for a young girl.
A man documents the occurrences and wants to help.
He documents all, but can he save her?

In contrast to other reviewers, I thought this short story failed miserably in conveying dimension in its characters and the mystery, suspense, horror, fear, presence of evil that quality ghost stories possess. To me it was a parody of a ghost story, trite, predictable, childish, and aimed at young readers, if that.
I could not walk away until I was done reading this book. Very short, but a thrilling and thought-provoking read.