Tom Brown at Rugby

Tom Brown at Rugby


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Tom Brown at Rugby by Thomas Hughes





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Tom Brown at Rugby


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In these days of zealous reform in school methods, it is well to keep in mind the true aim of all education,—the right development of character. It is important that our children acquire extensive knowledge, and sound habits of thought; it is imperative that they become honest, steadfast, and manly. Dr. Arnold, as head-master of Rugby School, was eminently successful in attaining this object. In "Tom Brown's School Days," Mr. Hughes has caught, and immortalized, the spirit of his old teacher's work. While the book emphasizes the peculiar moral earnestness of Dr. Arnold's pupils, it is free from all suspicion of cant. Those who enjoy its pages should read also Dean Stanley's admirable life of the great schoolmaster. We trust that it will be many years before we cease to read the life of Mr. Hughes in his daily works of goodwill to his fellow-men.

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. Vincent, Wolfe and Moore, Nelson and Wellington, they have carried their lives in their hands; getting hard knocks and hard work in plenty, which was, on the whole, what they looked for, and the best thing for them; and little praise or pudding, which indeed they, and most of us, are better without. Talbots[10] and Stanleys, St. Maurs, and such-like folk have led armies and made laws time out of mind; but those noble families would be somewhat astounded--if the accounts ever came to be fairly taken--to find how small their work for England has been by the side of that of the Browns.

[1] #Doyle#: an English artist noted for his humorous and satirical designs.

[2] #Matriculating#: entering.

[3] #Yeomen#: small independent farmers. They have generally constituted the best part of the English army.

[4] #Cloth-yard shaft#: an arrow a yard in length.

[5] #Cressy and Agincourt#: English victories over the French in 1346 and 1415.

[6] #Bill#: a combined spear and battle-axe

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