The Crowned Skull

The Crowned Skull


(4 Reviews)
The Crowned Skull by Fergus Hume







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The Crowned Skull


(4 Reviews)

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iend,' he cast a side glance on the baronet as he spoke, 'wants to see the fun.'

'Dericka will conduct you round the grounds,' said Trevick hurriedly. 'Where is Miss Stretton, my dear?'

'In the Tent of Mystery,' replied the girl carelessly; 'at least, I advised her to go there and have her fortune told.'

Sir Hannibal looked hard at his daughter, trying to discover if her words were double-edged. But she met his gaze serenely, and presently the baronet hurried away. Bowring turned to address the girl with something like a chuckle when behind him appeared a mild face and a lean, gaunt figure, in sad-coloured feminine garments.

'Why, Sophy, are you not in the tent?' said Dericka, recognising her governess with surprise.

'I just came in for a few minutes,' said Miss Warry timidly. 'It is trying work telling fortunes. I read Miss Stretton's hand.'

'What did you read?' asked Dericka, curiously.

'Sorrow and trouble and wickedness,' said the sibyl solemnly, and again t

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This is a very good mystery novel with intricate plot and strong characters - some of them quite nasty. The book thoroughly captured my attention.
The best thing about this is the depiction of the heroine with an odd name, but she isn't good enough to single-handedly overcome Hume's fantastical plotting.
Better than average mystery/thriller with lots of action to keep you interested. A simple murder for gain is complicated by hints of black magic and the predictions of a fortune teller. Plenty of conflict between the characters, notably the women involved with the accused murderer.
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