Atoms of Empire

Atoms of Empire


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Atoms of Empire by Charles John Cutcliffe Hyne





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Atoms of Empire


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The wandering Englishman, the atom of empire, at sundry ends of the earth is not always good company in the flesh, but in Mr. Cutcliffe Hyne's stories he is good company. For the reader is not in the position of the "native"; he is, on the contrary, elected of the company of proper Britons and talked to as an equal. Those who try this book will have no sharp regrets.

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ughts to add up and value, and the lazy punkah eddied the tobacco smoke overhead.

Then Baines said: " By God, he is brave enough. When I told him what Katti City was really like, he never turned a hair. I watched the beggar."

"Pah! Brave?" said Forbes. " It was only mutton-headed ignorance. Simply, he didn't believe you."

"Think so?" said Baines. " Perhaps you're right. He certainly doesn't take any of us much at our own valuation here. Well, he'll find out many things for himself in due time, and after that the wires '11 begin to work, and the nice pink English Tommies will begin to come, and the West African squadron Good Lord! that gives me jumps."

His Excellency the Governor had accidentally tipped over a tall soda-water tumbler, which fell with a crash on to the floor. The men in the room, with their nerves all on springs, started as if a shell had burst under the table, and by the time they had settled down again, frowning and fanning, the Governor had finished apologising fo

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