Delver Magic III: Balance of Fate

Delver Magic III: Balance of Fate


(3 Reviews)
Delver Magic III: Balance of Fate by Jeff Inlo







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Delver Magic III: Balance of Fate


(3 Reviews)
Ryson Acumen finds that his time of service to the land of Uton is not yet complete. Together with Holli Brances and Lief Woodson, they must work together once more to end a growing threat and to meet their own undeniable destinies. It is not without loss or sacrifice as they struggle to battle grotesque forces of malevolence. Under the conniving guidance of the serp Sazar, legions of dark creatures rise out of Dark Spruce Forest, and the serp turns his lustful eyes eastward. Targeting the outposts and farmlands surrounding Connel, the serp forms a dark army to bring terror to all those that attempt to oppose him.

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o make sure you have the sensation of wind in your face. After I cast the spell, I want you to run into the wind, but not like a delver. I want you to run with long bounding strides that send you as much upward as they do forward. I want you to run with timing as well, one...two...three... at that pace. It has to be slow, smooth and steady. Do you understand?"

Ryson nodded.

"While you run, I want you to put your arms out to the side. Don't flap them or anything silly like that. You're not a bird, so don't act like one. Simply hold them up, but beyond that, keep them relaxed as possible. Ready?"

Ryson nodded again.

With that, Enin flicked his wrists and two perfect circles of white energy appeared at his palms. He whispered a few inaudible words and pressed his hands outward. The two circles of energy flowed out toward the delver, collapsing into the air as a stiff breeze now pushed forward in their place.

When Ryson felt the flow of air, he did as the wizard asked. He ran du


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I have read all three of the delver books and what i do not understand is how i am able to download such good books for free. i would have paid to read these books after i had read the first one in the series. I would highly recommend these books to all fantasy readers
I agree with Debbie McCarthy on all she has said.

I enjoyed the addition of the Delvers and Algors. Two new races of beings to interact with the Human, Dwarf and Elf that we see in many stories today. Not to mention many new bad guys for us to root against.

I am looking for more along this storyline. I can see and hope that more can be filled in about the history of the Delver and this magic.

In this final book in the trilogy, the author goes into more depth as to how magic works, philosophises about the nature of balance and pulls together some earlier themes and events.

Again, this is very easy to read but I found the ending a bit of an anticlimax. I kept expecting the overall title of the trilogy (Delver Magic) to be explained more but it wasn't, leaving me with a feeling that there should be still more to come. There were also a lot more typos/spelling mistakes in this volume than I noticed in the previous ones. Having said that, it's still a pleasant enough way to burn a few hours. It's just a shame that some of the ideas weren't explored a bit more.