Made in Tanganyika

Made in Tanganyika


(2 Reviews)
Made in Tanganyika by Carl Richard Jacobi







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Made in Tanganyika


(2 Reviews)
See what happens when two conchologists get caught in a necromantic nightmare of their own.

Book Excerpt

agnifying glass. Then he selected one of the larger shells and began to examine it.

* * * * *

After a while he took a small keyhole saw which he kept for such purposes, and very carefully began to cut the shell into two equal portions. Once again he moved the ato-glass and began to study one of the sections. But the lamp was not very powerful, and insufficient for the tiny details. Sutter abruptly remembered the four-position lamp in the sitting room. He took the shell and the ato-glass and went to the front room, hoping that Travail was not there.

To his relief he found the sitting room deserted. The television set stood silent in a corner and as he passed it Sutter switched it on, then crossed to the four-position lamp and turned it up full. For a second time he peered through the ato-glass long and intently.

The bisected shell appeared to be a spinal univalve, resembling the familiar cephalopoda, nautilus, with thin septa dividing the many chambers.

Behind him th

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A whimsical tale that, in the end, is totally pointless. Much build-up surrounds a mysterious TV set an apparent time warp, and some unique sea shells. In the end, nothing is resolved or properly explained, and the story comes to an abrupt halt in what the author must have thought was a clever ending. In a word, amateurish.
A freewheeling story, it's all over the place and doesn't seem to care much. A man with a seashell collection buys a new television at the former site of an H-Bomb test (huh?) and discovers the set gives him access to shells he'd never seen before. But he fails to consider his evil roommate.

On a scale of one to ten, a pretty good story.