At Sunwich Port

At Sunwich Port


(7 Reviews)
At Sunwich Port by W. W. Jacobs







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At Sunwich Port


(7 Reviews)
"A novel which fairly overflows with the bubbling humor characteristic of this teller of wonderfully good stories."--Boston Times."It is a delightful book, with plenty of clean, wholesome humor, calculated to better the reader's appetite and make him sleep more soundly."--San Francisco Argonaut."Nothing written in recent years has so inexhaustible a vein of irrepressible humor running through it."--The Dial.

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ings afar off, took up the spoon and helped himself. From the unwonted silence of Miss Nugent in the presence of anything unusual it was clear to him that the whole thing had been carefully arranged. He ate in silence, and a resolution to kick Mr. Wilks off the premises vanished before the comfort, to say nothing of the dignity, afforded by his presence. Mr. Wilks, somewhat reassured, favoured Miss Nugent with a wink to which, although she had devoted much time in trying to acquire the art, she endeavoured in vain to respond.

It was on the day following this that Jack Nugent, at his sister's instigation, made an attempt to avenge the family honour. Miss Nugent, although she treated him with scant courtesy herself, had a touching faith in his prowess, a faith partly due to her brother occasionally showing her his bicep muscles in moments of exaltation.

"There's that horrid Jem Hardy," she said, suddenly, as they walked along the road.

"So it is," said Master Nugent, but without any display


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(1902) Humor (Feuding families) / Romance

R: * * * *

Plot bullets

The story of two families at odds after the Sea Captain of one family, looses his ship to the First-mate (head of the other household).
Well, this is a romance. So, you guessed it. The captain's daughter and the first-mate's son, fall in love.
And it follows that the road to their happiness is spoiled by a family feud.
The passage of time helps some.
The heads of the households, contrive some schemes to remedy the situation (in their favor), which provides some very funny situations.
Of course, we have the usual compliment of family, friends and suitors to complicate matters.

It's hard to believe that WW Jacobs wrote "The Monkey's Paw" when you read this very amusing novel. The characters of the ship captains are hilarious. Highly recommended.
A good read, more droll than funny. Gives a more realistic look at late Victorian times than most of that genre, and hints at an earlier Wodehouse.

Jacobs also wrote the fine horror story The Monkey's Paw.
A book seldom makes me laugh aloud while reading, but this one did, several times.

A bit of a slow start, but then it's like Dickensian Wodehouse (who was inspired by Jacobs and reliably does have me laughing.