A Master of Craft

A Master of Craft


(2 Reviews)
A Master of Craft by W. W. Jacobs







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A Master of Craft


(2 Reviews)
Hilarious tale of the complications and embarrassments pursuing the captain of a small English coasting vessel in his simultaneous love affairs.

Book Excerpt

aid the lady, sharply. "I followed him on here, and he hasn't gone off, because the gate has been locked since."

"I can't think who the lady means," said Joe.

"I ain't seen nobody come aboard. If he did, he's down the cabin."

"Well, I'll go down there," said the lady, promptly.

"Well, miss, it's nothing to do with us," said Joe, "but it's my opinion you'll find the skipper and mate has turned in."

"Well, I'm going down," said the lady, gripping her parasol firmly by the middle; "they can't eat me."

She walked towards the Foam, followed by the perplexed crew, and with the able assistance of five pairs of hands reached the deck. The companion was open, and at Joe's whispered instructions she turned and descended the steps backwards.

It was at first quite dark in the cabin, but as the visitor's eyes became accustomed to it, she could just discern the outlines of a small table, while a steady breathing assured her that somebody was sleeping close by. Feeli

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(1899) Humor (Romantic)

R: * * * * *

Plot bullets

One can be a master of his vocational craft, the Master of a sailing craft and even the master of craftiness.
A ships captain possesses the first two characteristics and develops the third to a fine art, as he has just taken on a forth fiancee.
He decides to fake his death as a temporary respite from the pressure of pursuing women and immediate commitments..
The captain, chooses the firs mate to help him with his scheme.
Unknown to the Captain the first mate is also in love with the latest of the Captain\'s triumphs.
Duty and love, love and duty. Which will win out?

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