Tricky Tonnage

Tricky Tonnage


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Tricky Tonnage by Malcolm Jameson







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Tricky Tonnage


(2 Reviews)

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f water in it. Elmer stopped long enough to draw off a few more hundred pounds of avoirdupois into one of the empty drums so as to have power for the trip home. He said it was the best place along his route to get needed weight in a hurry. We started up, but had not gone more than about a hundred yards when we heard a terrific swoosh behind us, and on the heels of it a resounding metallic crash and the scream of shearing metal. The ground shook, and a wave of muddy water swept along the road from behind and passed us, gurgling among the wheel spokes.

"What on earth?" yelled Elmer, and stopped the car.

What was behind us was not pretty to see. The concrete abutment we had just left had slid from its foundation straight across the road until it almost impinged on its opposite mate. What had been the earth fill behind it was a mass of sprawling semi-liquid mud. Sodden by days of rain and heavy with water, the fill had come to act like water behind a dam and simply pushed along the line of

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A young inventor discovers how to move gravitons from place to place, and being able to make things heavier or lighter, goes into business hauling weightless cargo in a fuelless truck. But there are ramifications.

Good plot of an invention going wildly out of control. The characters were a little sketchy, but the ideas held the story together.
Plot bullets

Your amateur inventor friend, in the barn next door, has something new he wants to share with you.
His newest invention can make things lighter and is just right for his delivery service.
The more tonnage you can move, the more money you can make.
How does he defy gravity? He doesn't, it's all in exchanging the Gravitons, of course.
But, this process has some drawbacks, which makes the moving of all that tonnage, tricky.

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