The Apartment Next Door

The Apartment Next Door


(9 Reviews)
The Apartment Next Door by William Andrew Johnston







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The Apartment Next Door


(9 Reviews)
A story of the U.S. Secret Service, into which Mr. Johston has woven mysteries more enthralling than in "The House of Whispers.""A lively and exciting yarn which holds one's interest from first to last."--New York Times.

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othing she paused from time to time to listen for sounds from the next apartment.

What was her neighbor doing now? Had he read of the discovery of the man's body in the street? Perhaps he had fled already? Not a sound was to be heard there. He did not look in the least like what Jane imagined a murderer would, yet certainly the circumstances pointed all too plainly to his guilt. She had seen two men dash around the corner, one in pursuit of the other. One of them had come back alone. Not long afterward a body--the body of the other man--had been found with a bullet in his heart. It must have been a murder.

What ought she to do about it? Was it her duty to tell her mother and Dad about what she had seen? Mother, she knew, would be horrified and would caution her to say nothing to any one, but Dad was different. He had strict ideas about right and justice. He would insist on hearing every word she had to tell. More than likely he would decide that it was her duty to give the information to the aut


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Its absolutely fantastic. Its my all time favorite book. The feeling of love and romance is so intense... love it..
An enjoyable story about a girl who becomes involved with the U. S. Secret Service during WWI. The plot proceeds at a brisk pace and has some good action and romantic elements. The twist at the end was rather predictable, but that did not detract from my enjoyment.

One quibble: Despite the main character being a twentysomething girl, she is portrayed as though she has the mind of a 10-year-old girl. Perhaps that is how many girls acted back then, but I found her naivete and reactions to be a bit over-the-top at times.
This was a great romance and spy story. It reminded me of The 39 Steps and other Alfred Hitchcock movies.
straight to the point...not all confusing...good english..
great story...a girl falling in love with the man who she believes to be a traitor.!
This book was great. It was a nice mystery and was fun and easy to read. Sure, it was a bit unbelievable, but even that made it an enjoyable read!
Read this book because of the previous reviews and they were right on really enjoyed this light reading book. Plot was simple and straightforward. Looking for nice easy read this is your book.
Well-told story about an ordinary girl turned into a secret agent. I have never heard of this author, but want to read more of his books.
I enjoyed this book. However, a better title for it would be "Jane, Girl Spy." During WWI, Jane--a young woman of marriageable age--is recuited to "watch" the people in the next door apartment. Of course, she is a marvel--effortlessly solving problems that stump long-time espionage agents--but if you can overlook the silliness of that aspect of the story, it is great fun. Adventure, intrigue, and, of course, romance. It's a fun, light read.