Blind Spot

Blind Spot


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Blind Spot by Bascom Jones





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Blind Spot


(1 Review)
Everyone supported the Martianprogram—until it struck home!

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Crumpling the note in sudden decision, Stark dropped it into the office incendiary tube. The morning visi-report had shown that there were more than 17,000 workers at the mines. Only five had been Earthlings. Let the armed-police system find the Martian through their own channels. It wasn't his job.

* * * * *

A glance at the solar clock on the far wall reminded him there was still time for one more interview before the last bell, so he impatiently signaled his secretary to send in the waiting couple.

Ordinarily, he liked his work and time meant little to him. He had jumped from interpreter to director in the ten years since the department had been created. But this day was different.

Stark was to announce his engagement at the Chief's monthly dinner party that evening and time had seemed to drag since his lunch with Carol.

When the door opened, he rose and nodded to the plump, freckle-faced girl who entered. The girl topped five feet by one or two inches, but she was no taller than the M

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A good, short, short story, written at a time when separate-but-unequal was U.S. law. That's the law of Mars, and the Martians are now the minority, with the Earthlings grudgingly inching towards equal rights.

I had to read the ending three times before I got the twist. Nice characterizations, good manipulation of the reader.

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FEATURED AUTHOR - Vanessa Thurgood didn't go to college to write, but her teachers always told her she was good at it. She even had one professor get her to sign one of her homework assignments because he thought she had written it so well. However, she chose to go into Agricultural Business and Event Planning, NOT writing. Flash forward several years, and she finds herself finally penning out the worst rough draft of what was to become The Earthspark in the dead of night. All because of a dream she'd just had.… Read more