Blister Jones

Blister Jones


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Blister Jones by John Taintor Foote





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Blister Jones


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Blister Jones is a horse trainer, and the ten stories contained in this volume are stories of racing and racing life. The tales, after one becomes accustomed to the weird language, are clever and interesting. Certain little paragraphs of description demonstrate clearly that the author can write real English when he is so inclined, and that he has a good idea of what may make a good story, for several of these tales have excellent bits of plots. The author draws his characters, as well as his horses, remarkably well.

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he ain't got a chance.

"'This hoss backs up if you use the bat on him,' I says to the jock, as he's tyin' his reins.

"'He backs up anyway, I guess,' he says, as the parade starts.

"The bird gets away good, but I'd overdone the lead in his socks. He finished a nasty last--thirty len'ths back.

"'Roll over, kid!' says the jock, when I go up to slip him his fee. 'Not fur ridin' that hippo. It 'ud be buglary--he couldn't beat a piano!'

"I meets Colonel King comin' out of the judge's stand that evenin'.

"'An owner's life has its trials and tribulations--eh, my boy?' he says.

"'Yes, sir!' I says. That's the first time Colonel King ever speaks to me, 'n' I swells up like a toad. 'I'm gettin' to be all the gravy 'round here,' I says to myself.

"Two days after this they puts an overnight mile run fur maidens on the card, 'n' I slips the bird into it. I knowed it was takin' a chance so soon after his bad race, but it looks so soft I can't stay 'way from it. I goes

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