The Birth of the War-God

The Birth of the War-God
A Poem by Kalidasa


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The Birth of the War-God by Kalidasa





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The Birth of the War-God
A Poem by Kalidasa


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Book Excerpt

ce adorns the wise.
The flambeau's glory is the shining fire;
She was the pride, the glory of her sire,
Shedding new lustre on his old descent,
His loveliest child, his richest ornament.
The sparkling GANGÁ laved her heavenly home,
And o'er her islets would the maiden roam
Amid the dear companions of her play
With ball and doll to while the hours away.
As swans in autumn in assembling bands
Fly back to GANGÁ'S well-remembered sands:
As herbs beneath the darksome shades of night
Collect again their scattered rays of light:
So dawned upon the maiden's waking mind
The far-off memory of her life resigned,
And all her former learning in its train,
Feelings, and thoughts, and knowledge came again.
Now beauty's prime, that craves no artful aid,
Ripened the loveliness of that young maid:
That needs no wine to fire the captive heart,--
The bow of Love without his flowery dart.
There was a glory beaming from her face,