A Diversity of Creatures

A Diversity of Creatures


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A Diversity of Creatures by Rudyard Kipling





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A Diversity of Creatures


(1 Review)
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t to his cap, and we heard the hull of the Victor Pirolo ring to the command: 'Lamps! Both watches stand by! Lamps! Lamps! Lamps!'

'Keep still!' Takahira whispered to me. 'Blinkers, please, quartermaster.'

'It's all right--all right!' said Pirolo from behind, and to my horror slipped over my head some sort of rubber helmet that locked with a snap. I could feel thick colloid bosses before my eyes, but I stood in absolute darkness.

'To save the sight,' he explained, and pushed me on to the chart-room divan. 'You will see in a minute.'

As he spoke I became aware of a thin thread of almost intolerable light, let down from heaven at an immense distance--one vertical hairsbreadth of frozen lightning.

'Those are our flanking ships,' said Arnott at my elbow. 'That one is over Galena. Look south--that other one's over Keithburg. Vincennes is behind us, and north yonder is Winthrop Woods. The Fleet's in position, sir'--this to De Forest. 'As soon as you give the word.'

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Remarkable for many great Kipling short stories, including his excellent if quirky "As Easy As ABC," which shows us the postwar Rudyard Kipling stung by the excesses of democratic government and modern journalism (the latter of which he also explores in the last chapter of his unjustly criticized "American Notes").

Also has two great "Stalky & Co." stories ("The Honours of War" and "Regulus") written, I suppose, after the collection of that name was compiled; those stories alone justify the acquisition of this volume.