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Just So Stories


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Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling







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Just So Stories


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How The Whale Got His ThroatHow The Camel Got His HumpHow The Rhinoceros Got His SkinHow The Leopard Got His SpotsThe Elephant's ChildThe Sing-Song Of Old Man KangarooThe Beginning Of The ArmadillosHow The First Letter Was WrittenHow The Alphabet Was MadeThe Crab That Played With The SeaThe Cat That Walked By HimselfThe Butterfly That Stamped

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rshes of Sonaput.

THIS Uninhabited Island

Is off Cape Gardafui,

By the Beaches of Socotra

And the Pink Arabian Sea:

But it's hot--too hot from Suez

For the likes of you and me

Ever to go

In a P. and 0.

And call on the Cake-Parsee!


IN the days when everybody started fair, Best Beloved, the Leopard lived in a place called the High Veldt. 'Member it wasn't the Low Veldt, or the Bush Veldt, or the Sour Veldt, but the 'sclusively bare, hot, shiny High Veldt, where there was sand and sandy-coloured rock and 'sclusively tufts of sandy- yellowish grass. The Giraffe and the Zebra and the Eland and the Koodoo and the Hartebeest lived there; and they were 'sclusively sandy-yellow-brownish all over; but the Leopard, he was the 'sclusivest sandiest-yellowish-brownest of them all--a greyish-yellowish catty-shaped kind of beast, and he matched the 'sclusively yellowish-greyish-brownish colour of the High Veldt to

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