The Six Fingers of Time

The Six Fingers of Time


(2 Reviews)
The Six Fingers of Time by Raphael Aloysius Lafferty







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The Six Fingers of Time


(2 Reviews)
Time is money.Time heals all wounds.Given time,anything is possible.And now he had all thetime in the world!

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g slower than the most backward snail, and a dead man at the wheel of it. I went to it, opened the door, and put on the brake. I realized after a time that the man was not dead. But he bent forward and broke his face on the steering wheel. It must have taken a full minute for his head to travel no more than ten inches, yet I was unable to prevent his hitting the wheel. I then did other bizarre things in a world that had died on its feet. I walked many miles through the city, and then I sat for hours in the park. I went to the office and let myself in. I accomplished work that must have taken me twenty hours. I then took a nap at my desk. When I awoke on the arrival of the others, it was six minutes to eight in the morning of the same day, today. Not two hours had passed from my rising, and time was back to normal. But the things that happened in that time that could never be compressed into two hours."

"One question first, Vincent. Did you actually accomplish the work of many hours?"

"I did. It

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Good story of a man who wakes up one day to find everything moving sixty times slower. A mysterious being shows him it was no accident and could be controlled, but there is a cost.

An interesting plot of a man in a predicament of having a gift.
This story would be better classified as fantasy or horror, not SF. It has some interesting moments but in the end there are way too many unanswered questions.