Doctor Who and the Empire of Glass

Doctor Who and the Empire of Glass


(3 Reviews)
Doctor Who and the Empire of Glass by Andy Lane









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Doctor Who and the Empire of Glass


(3 Reviews)

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the Doctor replied, frowning and looking away.

Vicki took the card from Steven. "Who gave it to you?" she asked the Doctor.

"I don't... I don't remember," the old man admitted.

"It's a trap," Steven said firmly. Vicki watched with some amusement as he narrowed his eyes, squared his shoulders and generally tried to look heroic.

"Don't be stupid, Steven," she said, and placed the card carefully upon the top of the translucent cylinder in the centre of the control console. "How can it be a trap if it doesn't even tell us where to go?"

With a low hum, the collection of fragile objects in the centre of the translucent column, the things that had always reminded Vicki of a cross between a child's mobile and a butterfly collection, began to revolve around their central axis. The column itself began to rise and fall rhythmically, whilst lights flashed on the console and the deep vibration of the TARDIS in flight slowly spiralled down towards the grinding, clashing noise of landing.

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Enjoyed this story a lot, but I think it helps to be familiar with the early Dr Who's from the early days in 60's before Tom Baker who I feel was the best Dr Who. It goes back in time to the time of Galileo and Shakespeare. Plot is a little hard to believe as they bring in these famous people at the same time. If you are a Dr Who fan this is a great book of an original character. The current series has done at least one show like this where they go back in time and get involved in outlandish plots with them.
A great first-doctor book. Very enjoyable, though not really suitable for people who aren't familiar with Dr Who - particularly the early episodes.
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Nonsense, badly written. I bailed out when yet another VIP (Shakespeare) was introduced. I admit I never saw the series, is this something for kids?
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