The Real Dope

The Real Dope


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The Real Dope by Ring Lardner



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The Real Dope


(1 Review)

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one of the biggest and fastest the U. S. has got.

Well I told Doran it wouldn't bother me to keep my clothes on all night because I all ready been keeping them on all night because when you have got a state room like ours they's only one place where they's room for a man's clothes and that's on you.

Well old pal they's a whole lot of difference between learning something from somebody that knows what they are talking about and visa versa. I and Lee and Smith got together in the room last night and we wasn't at it more than an hour but I learned more then all the time I took lessons from that 4 flusher out to Camp Grant because Smith don't waist no time with a lot of junk about grammer but I or Lee would ask him what was the French for so and so and he would tell us and we would write it down and say it over till we had it down pat and I bet we could pretty near order a meal now without no help from some of these smart alex that claims they can talk all the languages in the world.

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Humor / Fiction / Correspondence / War(WWI)

R: *****

Plot bullets

The letters (containing the real dope) from a 'Dough Boy' as he is sent off to France in WWI.
He was a baseball pitcher in civilian life.
He has a simplistic and fatalistic view of things, which is also quite wise and very funny.

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