A History of The Inquisition of The Middle Ages

A History of The Inquisition of The Middle Ages
Volume I


(2 Reviews)
A History of The Inquisition of The Middle Ages  by Henry Charles Lea







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A History of The Inquisition of The Middle Ages
Volume I


(2 Reviews)

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Penance not Punishment 459

Grades of Penance 462

Miscellaneous Penances 463

Flagellation 464

Pilgrimages 465

Crusades to Palestine 466

Wearing Crosses 468

Fines and Commutations 471

Unfulfilled Penance 475

Abuses.--Bribery and Extortion 477

Destruction of Houses 481

Arbitrary Penalties 483

Imprisonment 484

Troubles about the Expenses 489

Treatment of Prisoners 491

Comparative Frequency of Different Penalties 494

Modification of Sentences 495

Penitents never Pardoned, although Reprieved 496

Penalties of Descendants 498

Inquisitorial Excommunication 500



Origin in the Roman Law 501

The Church Responsible for its Introduction 502

Varying Practice in Decreeing it 504

Degree of Criminality Entailing it 507

Question of the Dowers of Wives 509

The C

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I enjoyed this book very well. It was enlightening, well written and informative. Having been raised a Catholic and abandoned it soon after leaving home, began to think that it mattered little what church you were a member of as any cult or club all they want is paying members.
The forcing of thier beliefs on the general population via punishment, fines,etc. all while preaching God's love is rediculous.
I then read The Antichrist (Neitzsche) and that book even added to my thoughts concerning christianity in general. What a scam in making one feel that they "need" a higher power to feel good about themselves.
As far as I am concerned and based on what I already read about concerning this topic, the inquisition is one of the darkest, barbarious, outrageous events in the history of the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church claimed to be the authorized embassador of God on Earth however I doubt that may be true. God will never force us to be loyal to him. God will never imposed on us obedience. By means of the Inquisition, the Catholic Church imposed and forced loyalty not to God but to the papacy and in my opinion and based on what I have already studied concerning the papacy, the papacy is a loyal servent to satan, the biggest enemy of Jesus and mankind.