The Secret of Sarek

The Secret of Sarek
Arsène Lupin, Master Mind versus Vorski, Master Criminal


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The Secret of Sarek by Maurice LeBlanc







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The Secret of Sarek
Arsène Lupin, Master Mind versus Vorski, Master Criminal


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Arsène Lupin, Master Detective makes his reappearance in this thrilling romantic novel. A book of extraordinary adventure!

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torpor. She resolved to act and, since there was no one in the immediate neighbourhood, to go back to Le Faouet and inform the authorities. She first examined the corpse for any clue which could tell her its identity.

The pockets were empty. There were no marks on the clothes or linen. But, when she shifted the body a little in order to make her search, it came about that the head drooped forward, dragging with it the trunk, which fell over the legs, thus uncovering the lower side of the bench.

Under this bench, she perceived a roll consisting of a sheet of very thin drawing-paper, crumpled, buckled and almost wrung into a twist. She picked up the roll and unfolded it. But she had not finished doing so before her hands began to tremble and she stammered:

"Oh, God!... Oh, my God!

She summoned all her energies to try and enforce upon herself the calm needed to look with eyes that could see and a brain that could understand.

The most that she could do was to stand there for a

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