Keziah Coffin

Keziah Coffin


(2 Reviews)
Keziah Coffin by Joseph Crosby Lincoln







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Keziah Coffin


(2 Reviews)
The plot of this double love story turns on the feud between the Regulars and Come Outers religious sects in a Cape Cod village. Author interprets local character and events through the shrewd comments of Keziah Coffin, housekeeper to the young Regular minister.

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she had none--"why, Aunt Keziah! What do you mean by comparing the-- the person you just mentioned with a MINISTER!"

"Oh, I wasn't comparin' 'em; I'll leave that for you Come-Outers to do. Drat this carpet! Seems's if I never saw such long tacks; I do believe whoever put 'em down drove 'em clean through the center of the earth and let the Chinymen clinch 'em on t'other side. I haul up a chunk of the cellar floor with every one. Ah, hum!" with a sigh, "I cal'late they ain't any more anxious to leave home than I am. But, far's the minister's concerned, didn't I hear of your Uncle Eben sayin' in prayer meetin' only a fortni't or so ago that all hands who wa'n't Come-Outers were own children to Satan? Mr. Ellery must take after his father some. Surprisin', ain't it, what a family the old critter's got."

The girl laughed again. For one brought up, since her seventh year, in the strictest of Come-Outer families, she laughed a good deal. Many Come-Outers considered it wicked to laugh. Yet Grace did


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(1909) Humor / Romance / Feel good
Plot bullets

Keziah becomes the housekeeper for the new parson.
She has more on her mind then just a need for employment.
She likes her new job and the new young parson.
The new parson, falls in love with the daughter of the leader of the rival church (The Comeouters).
Keziah can fix the loves and lives of others.
Her opportunity for the same, comes from strange and even funny sources.

In most of Lincoln\'s Cape Cod stories, it\'s a wise old sea captain
that solves all problems and makes things right; and often with an equally wise
widow. This time the sea captains are more in the background. But, the
interaction is heart warming and often humorous.
A delightful romance, though with some serious purposes. It's a bit of forbidden love, caused by differences between the two churches in a small town. Good regionalism, too. I recommend it for light, fun reading.