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Mary-'Gusta by Joseph Crosby Lincoln





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1918 film 'A Petticoat Pilot' was based on Mary Gusta, the popular novel of Cape Cod life. Miss Martin has one of the most delightful roles of her career as Mary Gusta, the rollicking and mischievous foster daughter of two quaint old Cape Cods fishermen, played by Theodore Roberts and James Neill.

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ia. No one knows except myself. Captain Hall read the letter to me and put it in my charge a year ago."

"Well, I must say!"

"Yes, I know, I said it at the time, and I've been saying it to myself ever since. It doesn't mean anything; that is, it is not binding legally, of course. It's absolutely unbusinesslike and unpractical. Simply a letter, asking them, as old friends, to do this thing. Whether they will or not the Almighty only knows."

"Well, Daniel, I must say I shouldn't have thought you, as his lawyer, would have let him do such a thing. Of course, I don't know either of them very well, but, from what little I've heard, I should say they know as much about what they would be supposed to do as--as you do about tying a necktie. For mercy sakes let me fix it! The knot is supposed to be under your chin, not under your ear as if you were going to be hung."

The Judge meekly elevated the chin and his wife pulled the tie into place.

"And so," she said, "they can say yes or no just as the


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(1916) Romance / Light situation humor

R: * * * * *

Plot bullets

Young Mary's stepfather dies and requests two old friends to adopt her.
These two old sailors, now in the dry goods business, take her on a trial basis.
She wins the affection of these two men, set in their ways, but with big hearts.
They bring her up as best they can. Well, really, she is quite a girl and really, it is she, that does the raising.
As hard as it is for them, the old gentleman send her away to be educated.
Mary, being away at school, and business failures become the lesser of the problems facing the two men..
Mary falls in love. This otherwise happy event, is marred by unforeseen connections with the past.
Is all lost. Why, no. Mary-'Gusta and those who love her, find a way.

Another of Lincoln's delightful Cape Cod, feel good stories.