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Shavings by Joseph Crosby Lincoln





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A Novel


(1 Review)
A characteristic Cape Cod story, the central figure of which is the village "character" and toy-maker, "Shavings." The monotony of life is interrupted after he has been induced to rent his house to a young widow and her attractive little daughter. "Shavings" reveals himself not only as the stanch friend of several of the characters, but as the open ally of Cupid.

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d the Congregational minister and Lawyer Poundberry of the Board of Selectmen had made speeches. Captain Sam Hunniwell, being called upon to say a few words, had said a few--perhaps, considering the feelings of the minister and the feminine members of his flock present, it is well they were not more numerous.

"Good luck to you, boys," said Captain Sam. "I wish to the Almighty I was young enough to go with you. And say, if you see that Kaiser anywheres afloat or ashore give him particular merry hell for me, will you?"

And then, a little later, came the news that the conscription bill had become a law and that the draft was to be a reality. And with that news the war itself became a little more real. And, suddenly, Phineas Babbitt, realizing that his son, Leander, was twenty-five years old and, therefore, within the limits of the draft age, became once more an ardent, if a little more careful, conscientious objector.

He discovered that the war was a profiteering enterprise engineered by cap

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(1918) Light Humor (Situation) / Romance / Feel Good

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Plot bullets

Shavings is a nickname for the town recluse and town-crank.
He makes his living carving and selling wooden, wind-driven, ornaments.
A young woman and her daughter arrive in town and are in need of a place to live and a friend.
He supplies those needs and more.
His heart is compassionate and his mind has a wisdom, only appreciated by those who know him best.
He gives up some of his own happiness for others, but when all is done, he has the proof of his success. His work is evidenced by, but is much, much, more than life's mere, Shavings.