Thankful's Inheritance

Thankful's Inheritance


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Thankful's Inheritance by Joseph Crosby Lincoln





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Thankful's Inheritance


(1 Review)
A pleasant, humorous story in which Thankful acquires, with a home on Cape Code, a "ghost" which interferes with its success as a boarding house, a mortgage, and a miserly millionaire neighbor who makes all the trouble he can. Captain Obed Bangs smooths many of the troubles and finally shares the few that are left.

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n's shoes! Live men's rubber boots would be worth more to you and me this minute. SUCH a cruise as this has been!"

It had been a hard trip, certainly, and the amount of water through which they had traveled the latter part of it almost justified its being called a "cruise." Old Captain Abner Barnes, skipper, for the twenty years before his death, of the coasting schooner T. I. Smalley, had, during his life-long seafaring, never made a much rougher voyage, all things considered, than that upon which his last will and testament had sent his niece and her young companion.

Captain Abner, a widower, had, when he died, left his house and land at East Wellmouth to his niece by marriage, Mrs. Thankful Barnes. Thankful, whose husband, Eben Barnes, was lost at sea the year after their marriage, had been living with and acting as housekeeper for an elderly woman named Pearson at South Middleboro. She, Thankful, had never visited her East Wellmouth inheritance. For four years after she inherited it she rece

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(1915) Humor / Feel good
Plot bullets

Thankful has inherited a property and house on Cape Cod.
It is old, but has potential as a summer boarding house.
All that is needed is some hard work and someone to supply her a mortgage to do some fix-up.
Throw in a niece, a young lawyer, a curious brother and sister, a relative who may lend a mortgage, and of course Lincoln's Cape Cod prerequisite, a retired sea captain and you have the main players.
Well, there are two others. The rich man next door, who swears he will have the property at all costs. The second> A ghost, perhaps.
This is Thankful's last chance at happiness and it depends on so many variables.