Galusha the Magnificent

Galusha the Magnificent
A Novel


(3 Reviews)
Galusha the Magnificent by Joseph Crosby Lincoln





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Galusha the Magnificent
A Novel


(3 Reviews)
The funniest and most warmly human story Lincoln has ever written. "Let any weary soul who has forgotten how to laugh try the refreshing experiment of reading 'Galusha the Magnificent'." --Atlantic Monthly

Book Excerpt

ny about the cuffs. The derby hat--and in October, in Wellmouth, derby hats are seldom worn--the derby hat was new and of a peculiar shade of brown; it was a little too small for its wearer's head and, even as Raish looked, a gust of wind lifted it and would have sent it whirling from the car had not Mr. Bangs saved it by a sudden grab. Raish chuckled.

"Come pretty nigh losin' somethin' overboard that time, didn't you?" he observed.

Mr. Bangs pulled the brown derby as far down upon his head as it would go.

"I--I'm afraid I made a mistake in buying this hat," he confided. "I told the man I didn't think it fitted me as it should, but he said that was because I wasn't used to it. I doubt if I ever become used to it. And it really doesn't fit any better to-day than it did yesterday."

"New one, ain't it?" inquired Raish.

"Yes, quite new. My other blew out of the car window. I bought this one at a small shop near the station in Boston. I'm afraid it wasn't a very good shop, but I was in a grea

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Galusha? The given name of a very timid but intelligent, big harted man.
He is an Archaeologist who finds himself stranded in a small town.
As with all small towns, it has it's mix of personalities and characters.
Galusha gets involved in fixing and repairing, not things but the lives of people.
For a shy unassuming man, that may seem a tall order.
He has to deal with greed, set idea sand even the occult.

Light humor.
A wonderful story of an "absent-minded professor" archeologist, and the sensible landlady who take him in hand. Although considered to be "not quite right in the head" by the other characters, Galusha is a type we are more familiar with these days, and he would be admired today as a geek extraordinaire. An absolutely delightful book; funny and clever, but also a sweet, gently romantic tale.
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