Kent Knowles: Quahaug

Kent Knowles: Quahaug


(2 Reviews)
Kent Knowles: Quahaug by Joseph Crosby Lincoln





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Kent Knowles: Quahaug


(2 Reviews)
The hero who tells the tale is called "quahaug" or clam by his neighbors because of his supposedly unsociable disposition. Story relates his amusing experiences in England and France with an elderly spinster cousin.

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Jim put his pipe in his pocket. I think at last he was convinced that I meant what I said, which I certainly did. The last year had been a year of torment to me. I had finished the 'Brig,' as a matter of duty, but if that piratical craft had sunk with all hands, including its creator, I should not have cared. I drove myself to my desk each day, as a horse might be driven to a treadmill, but the animal could have taken no less interest in his work than I had taken in mine. It was bad--bad--bad; worthless and hateful. There wasn't a new idea in it and I hadn't one in my head. I, who had taken up writing as a last resort, a gamble which might, on a hundred-to-one chance, win where everything else had failed, had now reached the point where that had failed, too. Campbell's surmise was correct; with the pretence of asking him to the Cape for a week-end of fishing and sailing I had lured him there to tell him of my discouragement and my determination to quit.

He took his feet from the rail a


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(1914) Humor / Romance

R: *****

Plot bullets

Hosea Kent Knowles, is a likeable author living on Cape Cod. To his friends, he is Kent or 'the Quahaug' and to Hephzy, he is Hosy.
A Quahaug is a large round clam, which lives a solitary existence and is known for keeping it's shell tightly shut. Ken is that also, as he is quiet and solitary.
An Hephzy, is a long time family friend, housekeeper, sister and mother to Kent.
Kent's books sell well, even though he writes of countries and things, of which he has little real knowledge.
Kent's publisher thinks it is time for him to expand his knowledge of the world, to get Kent out of his writing slump.
Kent and Hephzy will go on a world tour. Kent needs the exposure to other people and things. Hephzy hopes to find her deceased sisters child, somewhere in England.
They find 'little Frank' in England, and their lives change forever.

Another delightful, feel good story of Lincoln's Cape Cod people.
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The title character thinks of himself as a quahaug--as dug in as a clam, hiding away in a sleepy Cape Cod village and writing pop fiction to make a living. When his sales begin to slip, his publisher decides to send him to Europe, where his composure is assaulted by an encounter with a long-lost relative who turns out be be quite different than expected. An engaging book, although the main character's complete lack of self-esteem can get on your nerves.