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I Spy


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I Spy  by Natalie Sumner Lincoln







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I Spy


(2 Reviews)
World War I Espionage Thriller.

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the story of the enemy's successful raid.

From a safe height the German airman and his observer watched their handiwork. Suddenly the latter caught sight of an aeroplane winging its way toward them.

"Bauerschreck!" he shouted, and the airman followed his pointed finger. Instantly under his skillful manipulation their biplane climbed into the air in long graceful spirals until they were six thousand feet above ground. But as fast as they went, their heavier Aviatik was no match in speed for the swift French aeroplane, and the bullets from the latter's machine gun were soon uncomfortably near.

The German airman's face was set in grim lines as he maneuvered his biplane close to his pursuer and, dodging and twisting in sharp dips and curves, spoiled the aim of the Frenchman at the machine gun, while his own revolver and that of his observer kept up a continuous fusillade.

For twenty minutes the unequal fight continued. It could not last much longer. Despair pulled at the German's heartstrings as he s

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This is a great combination of romance, spy vs. spy, and general intrigue. Who are the good and bad guys? Is everyone who they seem to be? You are never really sure until the end. I heartily recommend it. I love books that keep me guessing, and I am going to read more by Natalie Lincoln.
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