The Red Seal

The Red Seal


(3 Reviews)
The Red Seal by Natalie Sumner Lincoln







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The Red Seal


(3 Reviews)
A twisty, complicated who-dunnit.

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dozen times. Folding the paper into minute dimensions he tucked it carefully inside his vest pocket and glanced sideways at Clymer. The banker hardly noticed his uneasy movements as he sat regarding Helen McIntyre standing in the witness box. Although paler than usual, the girl's manner was quiet, but Clymer, a close student of human nature, decided she was keeping her composure by will power alone, and his interest grew.

The Judge, from the Bench, was also regarding the handsome witness and the burglar with close attention. Colonel Charles McIntyre, a wealthy manufacturer, had, upon his retirement from active business, made the National Capital his home, and his name had become a household word for philanthropy, while his twin daughters were both popular in Washington's gay younger set. Several reporters of local papers, attracted by the mention of the McIntyre name, as well as by the twins' appearance, watched the scene with keen expectancy, eager for early morning "copy."

As the Assistant Distri

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(1928) Mystery (Murder) / Detective / Romance

R: * * * *

Plot bullets

A man is brought into court on a burglary charge. He dies there, in front of several people.
The mystery deepens as the man is found to be a disguised friend of the complainant, and did not die of a heart condition. It appears he was murdered.
A family attorney disappears and suspicion quickly points to hem.
Their are valuable stocks missing and the murdered man, a bank teller, could have been involved.
An envelope closed with a red wax seal, becomes the best bet for an answer to the crime.
The envelope may contain incriminating correspondence, the missing stocks or perhaps something else.
The envelope seems to have a life of it's own, as it disappears and reappears often, in varying circumstances.
The authorities must have the envelope. They must see what is inside, under 'The Red Seal'.

Quite complicated detective story, even if you ignore the identical twins, the style is dense, too. But that's only bad for some. Will try more from the author.
I like Natalie Sumner Lincoln's books. They are great escapist experiences and keep you guessing right up to the end. I highly recommend this one. Enjoy.