Children of the Frost

Children of the Frost


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Children of the Frost by Jack London







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Children of the Frost


(1 Review)
In the forests of the north -- The law of life -- Nam-bok the unveracious -- The master of mystery -- The sunlanders -- The sickness of lone chief -- Keesh, the son of Keesh -- The death of Ligoun -- Li Wan, the fair -- The league of the old men.

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er against Fairfax. And he felt the warm blood in his face as he regarded the young savage. She was just a woman. That was all--a woman. The whole sordid story over again, over and over again, as old as Eve and young as the last new love-light.

"My man! My man! My man!" she was reiterating vehemently, her face passionately dark, and the ruthless tenderness of the Eternal Woman, the Mate-Woman, looking out at him from her eyes.

"Thom," he said gravely, in English, "you were born in the Northland forest, and you have eaten fish and meat, and fought with frost and famine, and lived simply all the days of your life. And there are many things, indeed not simple, which you do not know and cannot come to understand. You do not know what it is to long for the fleshpots afar, you cannot understand what it is to yearn for a fair woman's face. And the woman is fair, Thom, the woman is nobly fair. You have been woman to this man, and you have been your all, but your all is very little, very simple. Too litt

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Here, Jack is writing about the wilderness (where he belongs), extolling the virtues of the simple life and making even the likes of me want to try camping out.

It’s a series of beautifully crafted tales about the native peoples of Alaska and the dreadful ways they fall apart when infiltrated by another culture — my culture, in fact, the merciless and insatiable white man.

And from there on out, it’s carnage! carnage! carnage! Carnage inspired by religion… carnage to avenge stolen dogs… carnage when tradition is pushed aside, when famine hits, when trade goes awry, when illness hits. And it's fabulous.
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