The End of Her Honeymoon

The End of Her Honeymoon


(6 Reviews)
The End of Her Honeymoon by Marie Belloc Lowndes







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The End of Her Honeymoon


(6 Reviews)

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sh grey called grisaille, formed the further side of the tiny apartment.

Madame Poulain, turning a key, revealed a large roomy space now fitted up as a cupboard. "It's a way through into our bedroom, monsieur," she said smiling. "We could not of course allow our daughter to be far from ourselves."

And Dampier nodded. He knew the ways of French people and sympathised with those ways.

He stepped up into the cupboard, curious to see if this too had been a powdering closet, and if that were so if the old panelling and ornamentation had remained in their original condition.

Thus for a moment was Dampier concealed from those in the room. And during that moment there came the sound of footsteps on the staircase, followed by the sudden appearance on the landing outside the open door of the curious little apartment of two tall figures--a girl in a lace opera cloak, and a young man in evening dress.

Nancy Dampier, gazing at them, a little surprised at the abrupt apparition, told herself that they must be


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About midway through the book, I was fully wrapped up in the plot - a very intriguing "missing person" mystery. From there things go downhill and ultimately collapse into a nonsensical ending. If I could rate this book in two halves, I would give 5 stars and 1 star.
An excellent little mystery of an English couple ending their honeymoon in Paris during the Exposition. The husband disappears, and everyone swears to the wife she arrived alone.

The story gets more and more bewildering as everyone involved insists the wife is lying. The suspense holds up until the last chapter.

Good writing. Excellent characters, description, and plotting.
A very intriguing story about a emotional turmoil faced by a young bride...
Truly .. suspense till the end
An English couple on the last day of their honeymoon arrive at a Paris hotel after midnight. Their reservations were mixed up, but the hotel owners have two separate single rooms they can use for the night. In the morning, the wife finds her husband to be missing. The hotel owners tell her she arrived alone, and imply that she is crazy. Who is telling the truth? Good mystery novel with plenty of suspense. It keeps you guessing until the end.