The Lodger

The Lodger


(5 Reviews)
The Lodger by Marie Belloc Lowndes







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The Lodger


(5 Reviews)
A haunting mystery tale that revolves around the Jack the Ripper murders, this novel was the basis for several films, including a 1927 Alfred Hitchcock silent film featuring Ivor Novello in the title role.

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g ring.

He stepped past her heavily, and though she said nothing, he knew she grudged him his coming joy. Then, full of rage with her and contempt for himself, and giving himself the luxury of a mild, a very mild, oath--Ellen had very early made it clear she would have no swearing in her presence--he lit the hall gas full-flare.

"How can we hope to get lodgers if they can't even see the card?" he shouted angrily.

And there was truth in what he said, for now that he had lit the gas, the oblong card, though not the word "Apartments" printed on it, could be plainly seen out-lined against the old-fashioned fanlight above the front door.

Bunting went into the sitting-room, silently followed by his wife, and then, sitting down in his nice arm-chair, he poked the little banked-up fire. It was the first time Bunting had poked the fire for many a long day, and this exertion of marital authority made him feel better. A man has to assert himself sometimes, and he, Bunting, had not asserted hi

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Crime / suspense - I enjoy this genre and based on earlier reviews I expected to enjoy this book. So why didn't I? Probably because I found portions of the book just too tedious to overcome. I've been busy lately and when I find time to read I want something that grabs my attention quickly - this isn't it. I'll probably give this one a re-read when I have more time.
Very well written and captivating. So far, I have read two novels by Marie Belloc Lowndes, the other being "What Timmy did" and liked them both.