The Diamond Coterie

The Diamond Coterie


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The Diamond Coterie by Lawrence L. Lynch







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The Diamond Coterie


(1 Review)
A startling new detective story by the author of Shadowed by Three.

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ene of the "great Diamond robbery," lies a little east from the town, away from the clamor of its mills, and the contamination of its canaille.

It is a beautiful old place, built upon a slight elevation, surrounded by stately old trees, with a wide sweep of well-kept lawn, bordered with rose thickets, and dotted here and there with great clumps of tall syringas, white lilacs, acacias, and a variety of ornamental trees and flowering shrubs.

The mansion stands some distance from the road, and is reached by a broad, sweeping drive and two footpaths that approach from opposite directions.

In the rear are orchard and gardens, and beyond these a grassy slope that curves down to meet the river, that is ever hurrying townward to seize the great mill wheels and set them sweeping round and round.

The mansion itself is a large, roomy edifice, built by a master architect. It at once impresses one with a sense of its true purpose: a home, stately, but not stiff, abounding in c

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Wow! This is some mystery. Densely and complexly plotted; full of complications, interesting characters, layered secrets and nefarious schemes; fast paced — a real page turner. It begins with a burglary and a runaway marriage and progresses through blackmail, murder and trumped-up accusation. Heiresses, hidden identities and disguised detectives all feature. There's some thwarted romance, for good measure. Some of the plot devices have become cliches since 1882, but probably hadn't when this was written, and anyway, there are so many things going on, it doesn't matter — you won't puzzle them all out till the very end.
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