History Plays for the Grammar Grades

History Plays for the Grammar Grades


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History Plays for the Grammar Grades by Mary Ella Lyng







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History Plays for the Grammar Grades


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The play idea will always appeal to the minds of children. History, so often thought to be a dry subject, is made a live wide awake game when the pupils live the parts. The great men and women of history are made real to them.This method has been worked out by the pupils in the fifth grade in the McKinley School in San Francisco and found to be most successful.

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re than singed the King of Spain's beard this time.

DRAKE: The terrible storm that came up helped us to destroy the Spanish Fleet.

QUEEN: From now on our power on the sea will grow greater and greater. We can now go to America without danger from the Spanish.

End of Play.




The Pilgrims were persecuted for their religion in England. They went first to Holland. After a time they decided to come to America because they wanted their children to grow up in their own language and customs.

They set sail for America in the Mayflower. They had a long and dangerous journey, but on November 20, 1620 they found themselves looking with glad hearts upon the sandy but heavily-wooded shores of Cape Cod. They signed an agreement as to the government of the Colony and elected John Carver their first Governor.

Captain Standish was their captain. The first act will be Captain Miles Standish and his sixteen men returning from


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