A Romance


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Lilith by George MacDonald







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A Romance


(3 Reviews)

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nothing, I might yet come in contact with something; but my search was vain. Instinctively then, as to the only living thing near me, I turned to the raven, which stood a little way off, regarding me with an expression at once respectful and quizzical. Then the absurdity of seeking counsel from such a one struck me, and I turned again, overwhelmed with bewilderment, not unmingled with fear. Had I wandered into a region where both the material and psychical relations of our world had ceased to hold? Might a man at any moment step beyond the realm of order, and become the sport of the lawless? Yet I saw the raven, felt the ground under my feet, and heard a sound as of wind in the lowly plants around me!

"How DID I get here?" I said--apparently aloud, for the question was immediately answered.

"You came through the door," replied an odd, rather harsh voice.

I looked behind, then all about me, but saw no human shape. The terror that madness might be at hand laid hold upon me: must I hencefort

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(1896) Fantasy (Dark / Dream) / Romance / Adventure(Quest) / Sci-fi (Parallel world)

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Plot bullets

A man inherits a house and within it a very unique library. This library has an opening to what might be a parallel world.
The man enters that world through a special portal. Or perhaps he has only entered a dream state.
This other world, is comprised of various lands and peopled by unique inhabitants and supernatural beings. There are monsters, little people and keepers of the dead.
The man sets out on a quest through this land. His most dangerous adversary is Lilith: the female demon of many cultures and literature.
There is also good in this land. It is manifest in many ways. And love is not absent. Indeed, the man falls in love.
The adventure is either a dream, a visit to an alternate world, a vision of the future, or a puzzling riddle of death.

George MacDonald is a deeply inspirational writer from the late 1800s who laid the foundation for the works of J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. His stories are Christian principles bound in the clothing of myth and legend.

Lillith is the story of an orphaned man who finds the truths to his origins and the purpose of his life. It is a fantasy filled with strange and curious images that at first confuse. It is best read straight through without digging too deeply for meaning and revelation of the symbols which may prove more confusing. MacDonald reveals that meaning as the story unfolds.

A hauntingly wonderful book for anyone who appreciates a good adventure story of fantasy.
I love this author, but this book a bit more science ficton than I like. So if you like Sci-Fi, you will probably like this.

I like fantasy more than sci-fi. I still haven't made it all the way through and don't think I will.