The Grey Cloak

The Grey Cloak


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The Grey Cloak by Harold MacGrath







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The Grey Cloak


(1 Review)
In this novel a wide field of action is spread, many and varied characters live their daring and brilliant lives, and through it all the man and the woman whom the reader has learned to love walk in safety to a joyful climax.

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ail caught the grey cloak, and it fluttered back to the floor. Scarce a moment had passed when the pursuers crowded in. When questioned, the stupefied host could only point toward the splintered window frame. Through this the men scrambled, and presently their yells died away in the distance.

A young man of ruddy countenance, his body clothed in the garments of a gentleman's lackey, stooped and gathered up the cloak.

"Holy Virgin!" he murmured, his eyes bulging, "there can not be two cloaks like this in Paris; it's the very same."

He crushed it under his arm and in the general confusion gained the alley, took to his legs, and became a moving black shadow in the grey. He made off toward the Seine.

Meanwhile terror stalked in the corridors of the hôtel. Lights flashed from window to window. The court was full of servants and mercenaries. For the master lay dead in the corridor above. A beautiful young woman, dressed in her night-robes, her feet in slippers, hair disordered and

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I tried this author after reading a comment that his style was similar to Rafael Sabatini’s which was true to the extent that they are based in late Renaissance France but Sabatini writes much more embellished and maintains more momentum of the story.
For me, it was hard to recall the characters because of the long French names and titles. There were also a few passing details that were key to following the plot that I had to go back and re-read to recall. Overall it was a typical romance adventure story, nothing wrong with it but not fabulous either.
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