The Girl in his House

The Girl in his House


(3 Reviews)
The Girl in his House by Harold MacGrath







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The Girl in his House


(3 Reviews)
A long short story. James Armitage returns to New York after an absence of six years, to find his house sold to a stranger by his defaulting agent who has absconded with half his fortune. Of course the occupant of the house is a beautiful young girl, and of course there is a mystery and a romance which ends happily. Good for a hot day.

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f the grille in Seventy-third Street.

He leaned against the bars, panting, but completely and thoroughly reveneered. "Of all the colossal tomfools!" he said, aloud. "What in thunder am I going to do now?"

"Well, Aloysius," boomed a heavy voice, which was followed by a still heavier hand, "you might come along with me; the walking's good. Bell out o' order? Was there any beer in the ice-chest?" The policeman peered under the peak of Armitage's cap. "I saw you climb over that grille. Up with your hands, and no monkey-shines, or I'll rap you one on the conk!"

Armitage obeyed mechanically. There was a temporary cut-off between his mind and his body; they had ceased to co-ordinate. The policeman patted all the pockets, and a thrill of relief ran over the victim. Somewhere along the route he had lost the automatic. As he felt the experienced fingers going over his body he summoned with Herculean effort his scattered forces. Smack into the arms of a policeman! Here was a situation which called f

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A great thing for a hot sunny day in Moscow. i liked it. Easy to read..and the idea is interesting
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