The Islington Mystery

The Islington Mystery


(3 Reviews)
The Islington Mystery by Arthur Machen







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The Islington Mystery


(3 Reviews)

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d her head over it, and still could find no exit from her labyrinth a different structure from the labyrinth maintained by the serene Boale. The Aspinall had no suspicions of her brother-in-law; both his manner and his matter were straightforward, clear, and square. He was a worm, as she had informed him, but he was certainly telling the truth. But the woman was fond of her sister, and wanted to know where she had gone and what had happened to her; and so she put the matter into the hands of the police.


She furnished the best description that she could of the missing woman, but the officer in charge of the case pointed out that she had not seen her sister for many years, and that Mr. Boale was, obviously, the person to be consulted in the matter. So the taxidermist was again drawn from his scientific labours. He was shown the information laid by Miss Aspinall and the description furnished by her. He told his simple story once more, mentioning the incident of his lying to his neighbours t

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(1927) Short story / Mystery (Murder)

R: * * * *

Plot bullets

The sign on Mr. Boale's establishment in the Islington area of London, reads 'Taxidermist: Skeletons Articulated'.
Mr. Boale's wife is missing.
Her sister brings in the police.
Mr. Boale's is suspected after an articulated skeleton that he sold, is found to have the same kind of injury to the leg that caused the missing woman to limp throughout her life.
Is there evidence enough, to solve the 'The Islington Mystery'.

Reads rather like an old newspaper story or one of those Michael Aspel murder mystery historical case study programmes. Not bad for all that, but not especially exciting either.
Vanessa Thurgood - Elemental Magic, Love, Honor, and Family
FEATURED AUTHOR - Vanessa Thurgood didn't go to college to write, but her teachers always told her she was good at it. She even had one professor get her to sign one of her homework assignments because he thought she had written it so well. However, she chose to go into Agricultural Business and Event Planning, NOT writing. Flash forward several years, and she finds herself finally penning out the worst rough draft of what was to become The Earthspark in the dead of night. All because of a dream she'd just had.… Read more