The Window-Gazer

The Window-Gazer


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The Window-Gazer by Isabel Ecclestone Mackay





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The Window-Gazer


(1 Review)

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here save a keg (of nails) and Professor Benis Hamilton Spence sitting upon it. Around him was nothing but a living, pulsing whiteness, which pushed momentarily nearer.

It was interesting. But it was really very cold. The professor, who had suffered much from sciatica owing to an injury of the left leg, remembered that he had been told by his medical man never to allow himself to shiver; and here he was, shivering violently without so much as asking his own leave. And the fog crept closer. He put out his hands to push it back--and immediately his hands were lost too. "Really," murmured the professor, "this is most interesting!" Nevertheless, he reclaimed his hands and placed them firmly in his coat pockets.

He began to wish that he had stayed with Mr. Johnston in the boat shed, pending the arrival of the launch which, so certain letters in his pocket informed him, would leave Johnston's wharf at 5 o'clock, or there-abouts, Mondays and Fridays. Mr. Johnston had felt very uncertain about this. "Th

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Romance / Intrigue / Humor (Light)

R: * * * * *

Plot bullets

Professor Spence finds an out-of-the-way place to recover from sciatica, which his doctor and good friend Dr. Rodgers has suggested..
The professor's possessive Aunt Carolin doesn't like the idea and will circumvent it somehow.
Desire lives with her father Dr. Farr, under strained circumstances, in a crude, backwoods cabin in Canada.
Li Ho is the Farr's Chinese cook and much more.
It is there that Professor Spence chooses to get his rest, lured there by an advertisement.
Desire has lived, secluded most of her life and feels that as far as life is concerned, she is just a Window-Gazer.
The Professor falls in love, but is forced to use a ruse to get the woman he loves.
The actions of Aunt Carolin, Dr. Rogers, Dr. Farr and Li Ho complicates the love affair.

A nice mixture of romance, the intrigue of the actions of a possible mad man and light humor.